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Authors Guidelines

Manuscript preparation

Manuscript, including figures and tables, should not exceed approx 20 pages for reviews, 15 for research articles, 10 for mini review, technical notes and Short Communications and 5 pages for letters to the editor. Adequate pages for project & thesis publication.

All manuscripts (excluding project/thesis) should be arranged as follows.

Type of article:

The author/s should mention their article type (for example: review article , research articles, mini review, technical notes and Short Communications).


The title name of article should be concise, specific and informative, typed in capital letters. The font should be 14 pt Times New Roman (bold).

Authors: Name of authors should be 12 pt Times New Roman.

Address: The name of the Institution where the author work has been carried out and mention the address to which all correspondence concerning the manuscripts should be made. Add an e-mail address for an easy and fast communication of the corresponding author.

Abstract: An abstract should be 200-250 words.

Keywords: Keywords should be 3-5 words.

Headings: The headings should be 12 pt Times New Roman & capitalize each word.

Sub headings: The sub headings should be italic with 12 pt (Times New Roman with Bold). Only capitalize the first word of the subheadings. The manuscript must be in single line spacing.

Text should be divided into introduction, material and methods, observation/ results, discussion, acknowledgements (optional) and references. Mathematical symbols, Chemical symbols and Equation should be identified in text if required. Only standard international units should be used.

Introduction should be brief, specific and without heading. Avoid unnecessary details of earlier works.

Material and Methods should contain relevant description and experimental techniques used. For well-known method, citation of the standard work is sufficient.

Results should be presented concisely, using well-designed tables and tables should not be drawn with line drawing and similarly the figures.

Discussion should cover the implications and consequences, not merely summarize the results.

Conclusions should be concise.

Tables and Figures should be appropriately cited in the manuscript.

  • Tables should be kept to a minimum.
  • Tables should have a short descriptive title.
  • The unit of measurement used in a table should be stated.
  • Tables should be numbered consecutively.
  • Tables should be organized in Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheet.

Figures should be prepared in JPEG format. All diagrams, graphs and photographs should be referred in the text.

Acknowledgements It should be put at the end before references and should be selective and meaningful.

References should be mentioned in manuscripts as [1 ] ,[2] ,[3] (superscript)& some sample of References as follows:

Example References:

Journal article (if there are more than six authors, list the first three then et al.) You CH, Lee KY. Study of patients with nausea. Gastroenterology 2009; 79;11–14. doi:10.1016/gastro20097911a
No author Coffee drinking (editorial). BMJ 2010; 245:311. doi:10/167/bmj098768.988
Chapter in proceedings (or other book) Harley YY. Comparing models in cancer. In Gammage RB, Kaye SV, editors. Indoor Human Health. Proceedings of the Seventh Life Science Symposium, 14–15 October 2007; London, Wiley 2008;68–80.
Edited book (where not edited, just remove ‘(eds.)’ Brown AM, Stubbs DW (eds.). Medical Physiology. New York: Wiley, 1983.
Dissertation Smith T. School adjustment of children with heart disease (dissertation). Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, 2008.
Report Akutsu T. Heart replacement devices. Bethesda; National Institute of Health, National Heart and Lung Institute; 2005 April. Report No.: NIH-NHMI-343-66-3. (
Websites Equator. http:// (accessed 20 September 2011).
Patent Pagedas AC. Flexible endoscopic grasping and cutting device and positioning tool assembly. US 20020103498. 2002 Aug.
 Important notes  for Author/s:

1. All manuscripts must be written in English.
2. Any type of fees are not refundable/not adjusted with any fees in any circumstances & after submission of the manuscript no provision for withdrawal of manuscript until rejected. All manuscript should be double blind peer reviewed process. Author’s conflict of interest should be nil. Corresponding author should be one.
3. Contributions should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. If found even after publication then the article should be deleted from the site & appropriate action should be taken against the author.
4. The submission has not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works. Articles are accepted only in MS-Word format. No pdf files are accepted. Please submit your article in only one file (.doc or .docx)
5. The manuscripts have to be sent to the following emails: ; ;
6. Proofs and Reprints: Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for correction. They should be carefully checked for typesetting errors and submitted to the journal email within 48 hours upon receipt. Following this period, the article will be published as it has appeared in the first proofs.
7. Cover Letter, Copyright agreement form, Undertaking form should be scanned with the manuscript attachment. Necessary permission must be received from appropriate authority if any biological, chemical, animal & human experiments and others (if any) such as diagrams etc. study was done. For such cases, journal will not take any responsibility even after published of the article.
8. Procedure for Manuscript Submission to Manuscript Publication: After manuscript submission with necessary attachments through email, the author will received manuscript ID  & the decision will be given as earliest. If accepted/accepted with revision then publication fees (bank details will be provided to the author through email along with acceptance acknowledgement) should be submitted by the author. Afterthat, gallery proof will be emailed by the author & after necessary correction (excluding author names, affiliations) within stipulated period the manuscript will be published immediate upcoming version of the journal.           9. For project/thesis publication, the above notes should be followed by the authors but relaxation arrangement should be as per author/s discretionary power subject to approval from Editor in Chief.                                                                                                       
10. Publication Fees: Author/s should be paid  publication fees (within 1 week) after acceptance of the manuscript. No waiver facility available. 
Publication Fees (w.e.f. 01.05.2017) :
Article Types
Letter to the Editors
INR 500/- or USD 15
(For 5 Pages; nominal fees applicable for extra pages)
Mini Review, Technical Notes
INR 800/- or USD 25 
(For 8 Pages; extra per page INR 50/- or USD 5 will be applicable)
Short Communications
INR 1000/- or USD 40
(For 10 Pages; extra per page INR 50/- or USD 5 will be applicable)
Review Articles, Research Articles
INR 1500/- or USD 50
(For 15 Pages; extra per page INR 50/- or USD 5 will be applicable)
Copyright Agreement Transfer
Undertaking by Authors form